" /> " /> Add to cart with quantity in category product-list PRESTASHOP | Adrian Badowski

Change in modules\blockcart\ajax-cart.js line 40

	//for category product-list page 'add' button...
		$('.p_add .ajax_add_to_cart_button').unbind('click').click(function(){
			var idProduct =  $(this).attr('rel').replace('ajax_id_product_', '');
			var qty =  $('.qty_ajax_id_product_'+idProduct+' input').val();
			ajaxCart.add(idProduct, null, true, null, qty, null);
			return false;

Change in themes\prestashop\product-list.tpl after li tag
notice: remove “\{” to “{” and “\}” to “}” in this code

1\}onkeyup="checkMinimalQuantity(\{$product.minimal_quantity\});"\{/if\} />

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